TED Radio Hour: Democracy on Trial

On the TED Radio Hour this Sunday, 13th November.

Democracy is often hailed as the best form of government. But with a growing sense of distrust, should we rethink the whole system? This week TED speakers ask if democracy is truly our best option.

Eric Liu says that voting is the most important thing a citizen in a democracy can do. He says when we vote, even if it is in anger, we are part of a collective creative leap of faith.  

Yanis Varoufakis proposes a provocative idea: democracy is not compatible with capitalism. He argues corporations have gained too much control and advocates for an "authentic democracy."

Sayu Bhojwani urges her fellow immigrants to participate and find their own power in the political process in order to make our democracy stronger.

Our biases lead us to amend the facts. Writer Julia Galef explains how we can have better judgement by developing more empathy and testing our own beliefs

After immersing himself in the politics of Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, and many other countries, Jonathan Tepperman emerges with an optimistic view: democracy is remarkably pliant -- and resilient.