TED Radio Hour: Comfort Zones

We're all guilty of getting too comfortable -- with our routines, social circles, the status quo. But is it stopping us from growing? On this week's show, TED speakers explore ways to push out of comfort zones

  How can we conquer our fears? Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss says that by taking action, we can train ourselves to accept discomfort, become more resilient, and expand our horizons.


Humans naturally seek out cliques or in-groups. But organizational psychologist Tanya Menon encourages us to break out of our social comfort zones, for wider opportunities to grow.

Speaking up -- especially about topics that are difficult to discuss -- can be scary but necessary. Writer and blogger Luvvie Ajayi feels it's her role to push people outside their comfort zones

In 2012, Ann Morgan set out to read a book from nearly 200 different countries around the world. She describes how that experience challenged her limits and tested her assumptions.

Stepping outside of one's comfort zone can happen on different levels. Entrepreneur and humanitarian activist Dan Pallotta says that doing so is not only important for individuals -- but for society.