TED Radio Hour: Big Data

TED speakers explore what the future holds for Big Data

On the NPR TED Radio Hour Sunday 11th of September 6pm

Once invisible details of our lives can now be tracked and turned into data. Will this make life easier or more complicated? In this hour, TED speakers imagine how Big Data will reshape our world.

What does the future hold for technology and design that's driven by Big Data? Kenneth Cukier of the Economist looks at what's next for machine learning and human knowledge.

Scientist Riccardo Sabatini says we have the power to read the human genome, a complex code that contains all the data that makes up a person. Thus predicting things like height, eye color, age, that all come from a vial of blood.

Data analyst Susan Etlinger explains why we need to deepen our critical thinking skills as we come to rely more on big data. Susan also talks of why we need to be more responsible with collecting and interpreting big data.

Astronomer Andrew Connolly shows how large amounts of data are being collected about our universe, and how it will help lead to new discoveries.