Sunday top 5: Garda investigation into Tuam Home "inevitable"; Irish patients avoid waiting list with EU scheme

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The Justice Minister says a Garda investigation into the Tuam Mother and Baby Home is "inevitable" following the discovery of a "significant" number of infant remains at the site of the institution in Co Galway.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said that "it is inevitable that once the coroner finishes its work there will be a role for gardai", adding that "it's not entirely clear what the parameters of that would be right now but that will be worked out." 

Fitzgerald says inquiries at other former homes around the country are also likely, signalling that the Mother and Baby Home inquiry may extend its excavations to other religious institutions. 

In a statement released on Friday, the Bon Secours religious order said it has no comment on the find.


U.S- backed Iraqi forces launch fresh push towards the Islamic State held centre of Mosul.

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces launched on Sunday a new push towards the Islamic State-held old city centre of Mosul, on the western bank of the Tigris river, an Iraqi military spokesman said.

Iraqi forces captured the eastern side of Mosul in January after 100 days of fighting and launched their attack on the districts that lie west of the Tigris river on Feb. 19.

The United Nations claims almost 30,000 people have fled since the latest assault began two weeks ago, however it's thought about 750,000 people may still be trapped inside the city.

Defeating Islamic State in Mosul would crush the Iraqi wing of the caliphate declared by the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in 2014, over parts of Iraq and Syria.


Irish patients avoid waiting list by using EU "Cross Border Health"  scheme

There's been a surge in patients who are dodging waiting lists by availing of free medical treatments in other EU countries, as new figures from the HSE show that spending on the EU's "Cross Border Health" scheme increased by 350 per cent in the last year.

Over 1700 Irish patients benefited from the scheme last year, with 40% receiving treatments in Northern Ireland.

Under the scheme, Irish citizens can avail of healthcare procedures in other EU countries - and the HSE must cover the cost.


Theresa May under pressure on three million EU nationals living in UK

The British Prime Minister is is under renewed pressure on the future of three million EU nationals living in the UK after an influential group of MPs called for their future rights to be immediately guaranteed

The 'Exiting the EU' Committee says Theresa May should act immediately - without waiting for the same rights for British citizens living in the EU.

The committee said the system for EU citizens to get permanent residency in the UK - completing an 85-page form and "copious" supporting evidence - was "not fit for purpose", and warned that Brexit would not necessarily lead to an immediate fall in net migration to the UK.


Ten people arrested in Pro-Trump Rally in Berkeley, California

Berkeley police say 10 people were arrested after President Donald Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed during a downtown Berkeley rally that turned violent and left seven people injured.

Police in Berkeley confiscated a dagger, bricks and bats in the rally , with reports that about 225 people attended the pro-Trump rally and a group of about 150 people against Trump staged a counter-protest.

Authorities did not say if the people arrested were pro-Trump or anti-Trump.