Sunday Long Reads: Trump's win; social media echo chambers; and the economics of Christmas ads

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This week's long reads are dominated by exactly what you'd expect: the shock election of Donald Trump.

The incoming Trump presidency has sent shockwaves across the US but also the world. Two of our articles this week reflect on that from two different angles - the rise of right-wing populism across the US & Europe, and what it means for the sucker-punched left.

Here in Ireland, events in the US can be used to reflect on some of our own news. Business editor Vincent Wall reflects on the increasingly tense industrial relations in the public sector, while Newstalk's social media manager Craig Dwyer offers up some thoughts on the perils of social media echo chambers. 

It was hard to escape US election coverage, but there was plenty else happening too. John Lewis kicked off the festive season with their annual Christmas ad - but does the viral potency of their sentimental TV spots convert to actual sales? And why not escape the political turmoil by revisiting the story of the greatest fictional US president of them all...

Trump, Brexit & Europe's populist march to the right

Picture by Peter Dejong AP/Press Association Images

Taoiseach Enda Kenny might have been forced to explain himself after many Irish took umbrage with him congratulating US President-elect Donald Trump on his victory – having previously referred to the one-time Apprentice star as “racist and dangerous”.

In some parts of continental Europe, however, major figures were unashamedly cheering on America’s conversion to Trumpism.

Down but not out: Why the left needs to completely rebuild after the election of Trump

The dust is settling, and the emotions of US election night - whether they were joy, relief, sadness, anger or confusion - have started to recede.

As rough as 2016 has been for the left, it also marks an incredible opportunity. With a form of anti-establishment politics having firmly taken root in the mainstream, the chance is now there for an emboldened, motivated left to take real advantage of the situation.

Opinion: Moaning public sector unions offer consistency in a world gone mad

Three images continue to linger at the end of a game-changing week..

The big-haired, hotel-owning magician, currently striding into Washington of course; a good-humoured but determined crowd of thousands marching in demonstration through a rural Irish town: and the boss of Ireland’s largest trade union, SIPTU leader Jack O’Connor.

Opinion: It's time to step outside our social media echo chambers

Katie Hopkins entering the Celebrity Big Brother house at the start of the 2015 series of the Channel 5 show [Ian West/PA Wire]

As the world comes to terms with the news that Donald Trump has been elected 45th President of the United States, questions have been raised as to how the polls and the media got it so wrong.

Many have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their shock, disbelief and disappointment at the result, but is that part of the problem? Are we living in our own little liberal social media echo chamber?

What does Trump's win mean for reproductive rights?

President-elect Donald Trump was vocal about women throughout his campaign - specifically on the topic of reproductive rights.

His stance, however, has never been clear.

John Lewis: We make £8 for every £1 we spend on our Christmas ads

The 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad was released this morning and #BusterTheBoxer (played by Biff, the 5 year old boxer) proceeded to takeover the internet for a few hours.

These ads are undoubtedly effective when it comes to gathering an audience - but does this virality translate into cold hard Christmas sales?

How to binge watch... 'The West Wing'

Why binge The West Wing?

Does it really need to be said? In a week when the kind of people who were so utterly charmed by The West Wing when it first debuted in 1999 awoke to find the world of 2016 led by a new POTUS that’s a bit more... D’ohTUS, perhaps there could be no greater succour to the electoral woes than to relive the glory days.