Sunday Long Reads: Trump voters beyond the wall; Ashling Thompson on women's sport and the cost of communions

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Trump voters find themselves on Mexican side of the wall

“Might have some four-wheelin’ fun out here, it’s starting to rain”, says Chris Cabrera, 16-year border patrol veteran, as he revs his pickup towards the Rio Grande River.

The number of undocumented migrants stopped and detained along the border has plummeted so far this year, hitting the lowest levels in at least 17-years.

Newstalk's Richard Chambers continues his journey meeting Trump voters across America as the President nears his 100th day in office.

Ashling Thompson: 'If I had to go into a bathroom and change into my gear, that would p**s me off'

The Republic of Ireland's Women's National Team (WNT) took a stand this month, in a landmark day for women's sport in this country.

Players took it upon themselves to demand change from the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and challenge some of the conditions under which they represent their country.

"I don’t think anyone understood how bad it was and no one expected it to be that bad," says Cork camogie star, Ashling Thompson.

How much does the average communion cost?

Children all over Ireland are set to make their First Holy Communion over the next two months.

While the economy continues to recover, as the country's relationship with the Catholic Church doesn't, what is supposed to mark the blessing of the third sacrament has, for many families, become a costly one-day affair.

A report on Newstalk Drive saw parents confessing to shelling out an average of €1,000 in total for their child's big day, with children receiving an average of between €800 and €1,000 in gifts.