Sunday Long Reads: The gender pay gap; the cold facts on cryogenics; and binge watching 'Parks & Recreation'

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Why is there so much debate over the existence of a gender pay gap?

The much-discussed gender wage gap has become a talking point once again in light of a new study. 

According to the research from Morgan McKinley, Irish women are paid an average of 20% less than Irish men. On average, men in professional jobs earn €12,500 more than women when bonuses and salaries are taken into account.

The cold facts on cryogenics and the promise of a second life

Earlier this week, a 14 year old girl won her legal battle to have her body cryogenically frozen following her death from cancer. 

The teenager, from the London area, had spent months researching how she could be frozen, with Justice Peter Jackson saying “she died peacefully in the knowledge her body would be preserved in the way she wished.”

What was once speculative science fiction has now become speculative science, a mysterious and murky world of science that first emerged in the 1960s, with the tantalising promise of eternal life – provided they can get it going again when they thaw you out.

How to binge watch ... Parks And Recreation

There could be no better time to consider reacquainting yourself with the most bizarrely efficient branch of local government ever committed to screen – the Parks & Recreation Dept of Pawnee, Indiana.

The sitcom, created by comedy heavyweights Greg Daniels and Mike Schur, was originally intended as a direct spin-off of the American version of The Office, with Rashida Jones set to reprise her role as Karen. The mockumentary format was retained, but the show was instead built around Amy Poehler’s lead character, Leslie Knope. This decision would prove to be the secret to the show’s cult success.