Sunday Long Reads: Ireland's inexperienced Cabinet ministers; minimum alcohol pricing; and the fight against gender-based violence

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Does Ireland need more experienced Cabinet ministers?

The unveiling of a new Cabinet is one of the most high-profile, semi-regular political pageants in Irish politics.

Bold cabinet choices in Canada made headlines last year - but how have those ministers fared during their first 12 months?

Teenagers targeting big oil and the US Government in landmark climate lawsuit

With the election of Donald Trump to the White House heralded as a potential disaster by environmentalists all over the world, a group of American kids are taking the battle away from politics - and all the way to the Supreme Court.

The group of 21 youths - ranging in age from nine to 20-years-old - are suing the United States Federal Government in what advocates are calling, “the biggest case in the world.”

Minimum pricing on alcohol will not put off most drinkers, study finds

A study on the impact of minimum unit pricing for alcohol has found the measure will not put off the majority of drinkers.

Research led by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) shows only 14% will feel its affects.

It found that the cheapest alcohol products are favoured by the heaviest drinkers, regardless of their income levels.

Where are the new builds that qualify for first-time buyers scheme?

The bulk of new properties that qualify for the Governments first-time buyers scheme are located in Dublin and its commuter counties.

That is according to research carried out by property website

It found that 25% (643) of all properties nationwide that qualify and are currently available (2,540) are in the Dublin area.

Kildare has 14% of the properties that qualify, while Meath (13%) and Cork (6%) were next best.

Names behind the numbers: Over 200 women killed violently by men in Ireland since 1996

Since the beginning of 1996, 209 women have died violently in the Republic of Ireland.

Women's Aid say 131 women (63%) were killed in their own homes.

Where the cases have been resolved, 89 women (54%) were murdered by a current or former male intimate partner.

Fifty-four women (33%) were killed by a male relative or acquaintance and 21 women were murdered by a stranger.

The charity says 16 children were also killed alongside their mothers.

The numbers are startling, but the names are shocking.

The Women’s Aid 24-hour National Freephone Helpline is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. They can be contacted on 1800-341-900 or on their website

All this week Newstalk and COSC - National Office for the Prevention of Domestic Sexual and Gender Biased Violence - are campaigning to increase the awareness of domestic and sexual violence.

If you have been affected by anything mentioned in this article, you can call the COSC helpline on 046-902-3718.