Sunday Long Reads: Fidel Castro and baseball; the struggles facing rural victims of domestic abuse; and binge-watching Love/Hate

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Fidel Castro and Baseball: How the US "national sport" played a significant role in Cold War engagements

Baseball has a very long history in Cuba, going back to its introduction to the island by American sailors and Cuban students returning from the US in the 1860s.

Newstalk Sport spoke to Professor Robert Elias of the University of San Francisco, whose book The Empire Strikes Out: How Baseball Sold U.S. Foreign Policy and Promoted the American Way Abroad, details the way the sport has sometimes interwoven with US foreign policy objectives.  

Victims of domestic abuse in rural areas struggling to have their voices heard

The Pat Kenny Show covered cases of domestic abuse across the country throughout the week.

Reporter Richard Chambers found support workers are struggling to offer the help needed by those affected by domestic abuse in rural areas.

A lack of funding and services, as well as the limited offer of anonymity add to the challenge of ending domestic abuse.

Two women shared their stories, in what makes difficult, but neccessary listening.

How to binge watch ... Love/Hate

Love/Hate, frequently billed as the “best drama RTÉ has ever produced” seems so special.

Early on it achieved the scant laurel wreath of being referred to as ‘good for an Irish show’, but Stuart Carolan – who first rose to national prominence for his Navan Man sketches on Today FM – shaped the show into a crime epic that immediately calls to mind The Wire and The Sopranos.

There’s been nothing comparable to Love/Hate on Irish TV since it ended its run in 2014.

Why Donald Trump's bizarre Twitter tirades are more than a mere distraction 

After a relatively quiet and even sensible first couple of days after the election, the last fortnight or so has seen Mr Trump embark on several unusual Twitter tirades.

He has continued his long-standing war against the New York Times and CNN; he has gotten involved in a dispute with the cast members of hit musical Hamilton after they directly but politely addressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence after a show; he made provocative comments about the controversial settlement to his Trump University lawsuit.

Any hopes - or indeed fears - that becoming President-elect would moderate Donald Trump’s more inflammatory comments have proven unfounded.