Stupid or smart? French firm unveils connected high heels

Who has time to charge their shoes? Not I...

There was no shortage of weird and wonderful tech on display at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. While there was some excellent innovation there was also a number of products that made me ask "why?" Here's one of them. 

These are the Digitsole heels by Zhor Tech, a French company, who are working to develop a range of connected footwear. 

There's two options: a pair with heated insoles and a pair with an adjustable heel. 

Both pairs of the connected heels track your activity via an app, which also allows users to control the temperature and height of the heel. It's possible to adjust the hight from 1.7-inches to 3.1. These could be the only pair of heels you need as you go about your daily business. 

As they are "connected", the shoes need to be charged. There's a microUSB port beneath the adjustable heel, while the warming shoes have a pad on the sole. This means they can be charged wirelessly. 

Zhor-Tech says the high heels will be shipping this year for $299 a pair, though the company didn’t say exactly when in 2017.