Stone Roses, Metronomy and The Lonely Island: 5 new songs to listen to this weekend

We scour the musical landscape to bring you the best new songs of the week

Every Friday sees the new album and single releases hit online and the stores, and here's our picks of the five songs you should be listening to this weekend.

Stone Roses - "All For One"

21 years since their second and last album, and the Stone Roses suddenly reappeared last night with their new single. Reactions have been "mixed" to say the least, but at least it will cause a few think pieces about whether or not "better late than never" is better than "never at all".

Metronomy - "Old Skool"

Album number five - Summer 08 - is due on June 1st, and the first single has just been released, and it's got a very, very LCD Soundsystem vibe, which shows the slightly new direction the English indietronica band will be heading in. Swedish superstar Robyn and Beastie Boys collaborator Mix Master Mike will also be on the album, so it looks like it's gonna sound ... eclectic.

OneRepublic - "Wherever I Go"

Sounding more and more like a version of Maroon 5 it's still okay to like, OneRepublic have dropped the first single from their upcoming, still-untitled fourth album. "Wherever I Go" features the usual O.R. modus operandi of catchy hooks, epic choruses and instant chart appeal.

Drake - "Too Good" featuring Rihanna

Yes, the album was released last week, but unless you were one of the people with an Apple Music account, you didn't get to enjoy it. Thankfully, it's appeared on other platforms for the weekend, and his duet with Rihanna puts a twist on their usual "will they, won't they" musical relationship, by being about getting fed up treating a partner better than they treat you. Expect it as a proper single from the album pretty soon.

The Lonely Island - "Mona Lisa"

From the comedic genuises behind "Dick In A Box" or "3-Way (The Golden Rule)", the guys at The Lonely Island are about to release their new movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, a very thin Justin Bieber-esque mockumentary, and the soundtrack is going to be filled with killer tracks like the below. Try your best not to laugh. You will fail.