Spotify enters the world of podcast production

Three original podcast series will arrive to the streaming service soon

Spotify introduced the ability to stream podcasts some time ago, but it's now entering the space of podcast production. The first of their original podcasts are three music-themed shows. 

'Showstopper' is the first of the three to be released and says it will “bring together two of the most culturally relevant topics of our time: TV shows and music.” 

Naomi Zeichner, editor of The Fader, will host the series, which looks at the biggest musical moments from TV shows such as Scrubs and Stranger Things. The first episode focuses on 'Girls', the series created by Lena Dunham. Dunham and the show's music supervisor, Manish Raval join Zeichner to discuss the music featured in the show, how it was selected and why.

The second offering will appear on March 14th and is entitled 'Unpacked'. This will feature daily interviews with curators of festivals. The first episode will feature those behind SXSW. 

The final podcast on the bill has the working title 'The Chris Lighty Story'. This covers the life, death and influence of the late music executive who helped shape the careers of 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, LL Cool J and Foxy Brown. 

At present, Showstopper is only available through the web version of Spotify in Ireland as it is produced for the US and UK markets. It's hoped it will roll out worldwide in the coming weeks.