Spain attacks: Police investigating 'terror cell of 12 people'

At least one suspect is believed to be on the run

Spain attacks: Police investigating 'terror cell of 12 people'

A warning tape of the police can be seen where a residential house exploded on 16 August 2017. Picture by: Matthias Balk/DPA/PA Images

Police in Spain say they suspect they are investigating a terror cell of 12 people following last week's twin attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

A villa in Alcanar is believed to have been a bomb factory where the attacks were planned.

It is suspected members of the cell accidentally blew up the property while preparing explosives a day before the attack.

According to Sky News, police have identified two bodies found in the destroyed house.

Officials say they believe planning for the attacks had been taking place for 'many months'.

Security remains high in Spain in the wake of last week's attacks, with officials saying the terrorism alert remains at the second highest level.

A search is underway for at least one suspect believed to be on the run.

Police say they have identified the suspected driver of the van used in the Barcelona attack.

It was confirmed yesterday that seven-year-old Australian boy Julian Cadman was among those killed in the Barcelona attack.

Julian had been missing since the attack in which his mother received serious injuries.

A Belgian and an Italian have been confirmed as also being among the dead in Barcelona.

14 people were killed in the attacks, while dozens of others were injured.

Some 34 nationalities were among those hurt in Las Ramblas and Cambrils.

Meanwhile, French newspaper Le Parisien reported on Sunday night that the Audi A3 used in the Cambrils attack was caught speeding in the Paris region about a week ago.

French investigators have not found a direct link between the Spanish cell and France, Le Parisien said, and are looking into the possibility the Audi could have just been transiting through the France when it was caught.