So long expensive bottles as lab-made wine is nearly ready to drink

Ava Winery has been working on mixing the molecules to make the perfect glass

Paying hundreds of euros to try a sophisticated wine might soon be a thing of the past as one company has said it's close to perfecting lab-made wine.

Ava Winery has been working on chemically making wine that tastes the same as bottles that most people couldn't afford. The company has been working on making 499 bottles that should taste like 1992 Dom Perignon champagne.

Ava says 90% of people who carry out blind taste tests of their faux wine against the real stuff can't tell the difference. This is a huge improvement on tests carried in May, when their wine reportedly smelled like plastic.

The attempts at making wine in a lab by Ava started when co-founder and biotechnician Mardonn Chua realised that expensive wine is nothing more that a collection of molecules.


Ava's mix of elements in their wine
He began working on finding what elements make each wine so distinctive, and discovered that the hundreds of compounds that make flavour and colour only make up around 2% of the actual wine, the rest being water and ethanol.

A recent cash injection of $2.7 million from investors is helping Ava on the way to making the perfect lab-grown glass of vino.