Skype to broadcast the David Bowie memorial concert from New York tomorrow

A small payment to a charity will get you access to the link

The first of two David Bowie memorial concerts is due to take place in Carnegie Music Hall tonight.

However, due to overwhelming demand, the second of the concerts will be available to be watched via Skype tomorrow night, as it's broadcast live from Radio City Hall.

A minimum charity donation of $15 (€13.50) is required via the official charity site here, and in exchange for a link to the performance.

The concert is due to begin at 20.00 local time, or 01.00 here, with the likes of Blondie, Michael Stipe and the Pixies set to perform.

Paul McCartney's spokesperson denied the rumours that he would be involved in the performance, while similar rumours involving Mick Jagger have yet to be clarified.