Should we lower entry grades for disadvantages pupils?

Bristol University plan to, and John Walshe doesn't think it's a bad idea.

Bristol University in the UK has announced plans to lower entry grades for disadvantaged students, as figures show the gulf between rich and poor pupils winning degree places has reached record levels.

They said the initiative, designed to boost diversity among its students, would see local people offered places based on lower entry requirements.

John Walshe, who is the former advisor to Ruairi Quinn when he was Minister for Education, joined George on High Noon to give his thoughts in an Irish context.

He told George that we have one of the highest salary gains for graduates in the world, saying 69% males and 90% of women benefit from the salary gains more than those who did not continue their education.  He added that if we want to continue to have an unequal society than we should continue the way our education system works.

John doesn’t think this new form of entry system would create gaps in the classroom environment as the minimum entry requirements would still be required.

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