Red-haired chancer uses 'Ginger Discount Card' to save hundreds of pounds

Flame-headed Richard Macrae hands over the spoof card to get discounts in pubs, shops, and restaurants

Red-haired chancer uses 'Ginger Discount Card' to save hundreds of pounds

Redheads (Picture: Flickr/Eddy Van 3000)

An enterprising comic-book artist in Scotland is cashing in on his auburn locks, using a 'Ginger Discount Card'. 

Richard Macrae received the card as a novelty birthday present four years ago, but now the 30 year-old ginger claims to have reaped more than €250 in discounts - all because of his shock of red hair. 

Macrae, from Aberdeen, told the Scotsman that he is used to hearing taunts and jibes about his ginger hair, but that he's having the last laugh by going out three nights a week and charming his way to redheaded discount. 

Mr Macrae says he uses the spoof card more often than his banking ones, and slides it over to confused cashiers after asking if they offer a ginger discount. 

"Usually everyone gets the humour behind it," Mr Macrae said. "Some people look confused and wonder if it's real, which is always a laugh, but most get the joke. I've saved a couple of hundred pounds maybe, with money off booze, taxis, food and club entries. Over four years it fairly builds up."

News of Mr Macrae's brazen approach to getting a discount even encouraged a shopping centre in Aberdeen to offer discounts to all redheads, card-carrying or not. 

Several outlets in the Union Square centre, including Nando's and Superdry, offered every ginger Aberdonian the chance to save 10% over the weekend. 

And the shopping centre didn't discriminate; any non-natural redheads, or even those not graced with auburn locks at all, could don ginger wigs to avail of the savings.