Samsung preparing to sell refurbished Note 7 devices

The phone was pulled from the market last year following battery issues

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco of 2016?

While the phone has been off the market for more than six months now, the incident has yet to be placed firmly in the past. The final step of this process may be the sale of refurbished units, which is due to start in the coming weeks. 

Samsung confirmed it will recycle the phones in an "environmentally friendly way" back in March. The company said this includes selling the phones following consultations with regulatory authorities

Android Authority reports the Note 7 will be on sale in South Korea by the end of next month. The phone will have a smaller battery, a lower price tag and a new name. 

While the new name has yet to be confirmed, rumours suggest it may be called the Note 7R or the Note FE. 

The Note 7 had a 5.7-inch screen and a stylus pen.   

Samsung recently unveiled their new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8