Samsung indirectly confirm the Note range of phones will continue

The curious case of exploding batteries on the Note 7 has yet been solved

As years go, 2016 has been far from ideal for tech giant Samsung. The company launched the highly anticipated Note 8 device back in September, but the high hopes for that device went up in smoke... so to speak. However, it seems as though the Seoul based brand is refusing to let the Note range die.

In a statement released on Monday, Samsung revealed details of an upgrade programme option to Note 7 customers in South Korea. The options on offer are as followings: trade in for a Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or trade up for a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 smartphone when they become available next year. 

This is part of the company's continued efforts to retain customers, despite the recent issues. 

The company said the availability of this programme in other markets will be dependent on the situation in each country. It did not elaborate any further on the next generation of Note devices. 

We expect the new phones to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. 

Speculation around the tech spec has already begun and it's thought that the firm will redesign the S-Pen stylus for the Note 8 and install a 4K screen.