Roger Highfield: 'Robots? I'm not frightened'

The Director of External Affairs at the London Science Museum was telling George about the 'Robots' exhibition, starting today

The London Science Museum opened their latest exhibition, ‘Robots’, today, where they have a collection of more than 100 objects helping outline the evolution of the robot.

Most people would not have seen a clock when they first saw one exhibit, a 16th century automaton of a monk, who trundled along, moved his lips, and beat his chest in contrition.

In every chapter of the 500-year story, robots have held a mirror to human society.

Some people are even a bit worried about robots taking over the world, as technology becomes so advanced that they can actually replace humans in certain jobs.

Roger Highfield, the Director of External Affairs at London Science Museum, has no such worries, and believes we are a long way off robots superseding humans.

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