Richard Corrigan: "The day of the Sunday Roast is coming to an end. People are all going vegan"

The restauranteur joined George in Wogan House London to talk food, veganism, water, Brexit and more.

Chef and restaurateur Richard Corrigan took George aback today in BBC Wogan House when he suggested that more and more people are becoming vegan, and the days of seeing a piece of meat 'with four bones sticking out while we salivate' are coming to an end.

"To be honest with you, I believe people are as happy with a bowl of pulses and a bit of cheese these days."

He was also sure in his view that people are veering away from any food or drink that has any unwanted chemicals in it.

"There's a huge trend of organic beers, natural wines, and there's a huge movement of people wanting to remove chemicals from their food."

Since Corrigan is a proud Irishman, who will have heard all the debate over water charges here over the last number of months, George asked him how he felt when he heard all the chatter on this side of the Irish Sea.

"We've our water bills here in London.  If you want quality water, you're going to have to pay for it.  You're buying bottled water already, which just proves the water from your tap - you can't drink it.  We buy bottled water because we don't trust what is in our tap."

On Brexit, Corrigan was adamant that when he hears top executives talking in his restaurants, many are looking to move their head offices outside of London.

"They can't talk about it publicly, because politicians will come down hard on them.  Something else will fill the space, but we will go through lean times here, there's no question about that."  And when George told him we don't hear that too often, Corrigan responded that the reason for that is that Britain is going through a 'nostalgia period' at the moment.

The two also touched on best before dates, shopping habits, working in London and much more.