Richard Boyd Barrett: 'We've the resources to support Ballaghaderreen and address homelessness if the political will was there'

The People Before Profit TD joined George Hook to discuss Trump, and the latest about Ballaghderreen.

'The resources are there, but is the political will?'

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett joined George on High Noon today to discuss the planned protest against Trump's inauguration, but while he was in, George had to ask him about the plan to put almost 100 refugees into the town of Ballaghaderreen.

'This is a sypmtom of a wider issue.'  Boyd Barrett claimed that the argument that Ballaghaderreen isn't capable of supporting refugees would hold true, but the problem is that the resources are available if the Government wants to use them in that way.

He went on to tell George that it's the same when it comes to the homelessness crisis - the resources are there to change the situation.

Listen to the full interview by clicking below.