Review: Veho DS-1 charger

This beautifully designed charger would sit well on any desk

Every now and then a product will cross my desk and grab my attention; that was the case with the Veho DS-1. This is a smartphone charge and sync dock for both Android and Apple devices. 

The body of the charger is a triangle shaped, metal frame. The user places their phone onto the charger while the other end slots into a USB port or plug. It then does it's magic in charging up the smartphone. 

The DS-1 has a micro-sutction base, which helps keep it in place on a desk surface. 

Plugging an iPhone into the DS-1 whilst connected to a laptop syncs the device with iTunes. 

Having used the charger, I have to say I really like it. It's neat and is a lovely addition to any desk. Very few people manage to get through a full day without a sneaky charge, so having something like the DS-1 there, on standby makes sense. 

The Veho DS-1 is €39.95 as is currently available on Amazon. This seems quite reasonable when compared to the iPhone Lightening Dock available here at a cost of €59.00.