Review: Dyson reimagine the hairdryer with 'Supersonic' and it's stunning

But will cost you a pretty penny

Dyson is the household name who took the vacuum cleaner and made is sexy. The design and usability of their products has placed them at the top of the table in terms of innovation in the world of tech. 

After four years of development and a £50 million investment into a 'hair lab' Dyson have released their first hairdryer; Dyson Supersonic. 

Out of the box, the device is intriguing. It's the least hair-dryer-looking hairdryer I've seen. 

As with every Dyson product, a lot of work went into the design of the Supersonic. The stainless steal body is magnetic, allowing accessories to stick together rather than clicking into place as would be the case on a traditional hairdryer. Internally is where the magic happens.

Motor: The motor inside this device is 8 times father than other hairdryers. The V9 digital motor is the company's smallest, lightest and most advanced digital motor to date. It's placed in the handle of the dryer, rather than the head, which helps reduce the size of the device.

Airflow: By focusing the airflow, Dyson says the Supersonic will help dry hair quicker. This dryer draws three times as much air into the motor and produces a high-veloicty jet of air directly onto the hair.   

Damage prevention: Supersonic boasts 'intelligent heat control', measuring the temperature 20 times a second, to control the heating element. This will help prevent heat damage to the hair.

We decided to put the dryer to the test and in the hands of session stylist Raissa Gilligan:

During our testing we noticed that the Supersonic is quieter than a normal dryer, but is by no means a silent hum in the background.

The lack of a grill on the back of the device is a game-changer to anyone with long hair. If you've used a cheap dryer to dry your long hair, you know how sore it can be to suddenly become entangled in the back of the grill. That problem is a thing of the past with the Supersonic; hair can flow freely through the hole in the centre of the device. 

There was a beautiful shine off the hair following the blow dry. We tried out a few styles with it and I can report back that they held! 

The Dyson Supersonic is a beautifully designed, well manufactured product that is a pleasure to use. But is it worth the €399 price tag?

"Could I justify spending €400 on a hairdryer? I just don't think I could do it" says Raissa Gilligan. 

The Dyson Supersonic is available exclusively from Arnotts.