Report reveals top complaints made by Irish consumers last year

ECC Ireland dealt with 4,337 total contacts in 2016

Report reveals top complaints made by Irish consumers last year

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The European Consumer Centre (ECC) Ireland annual report has reveled the most-complained about industry by consumers.

Air travel, car rental, electronic products, furniture, hotels and accommodation are top five cross-border consumer complaints for 2016.

In 2016, ECC Ireland dealt with 4,337 total contacts from consumers - which represents an increase of almost 24% on the number of contacts handled in 2015.

The contacts include cross-border complaints and requests for information.

Air passenger rights, which accounted for 338 cases - or 47% - was the most popular area of complaint.

This category has held on to the top spot year-after-year.

Flight cancellations and delays were the number one cause for air passenger-related complaints.

This was followed by lost, delayed or damaged luggage, airline booking errors, denied boarding, and passenger illness.

Image: ECC Ireland

With 78 cases (11%) car rental came in second and was followed by electronic products with 57 cases (7.9%).

Issues relating to furniture had 49 cases (6.8%) and in fifth position was the hotels and accommodation category with 39 cases (5.4%).

This is the first year since 2011 that hotels and accommodation services has entered the top five complaints.

This is largely due to the increasing numbers of consumers choosing to book their own accommodation, rather than opting for package holidays.

Complaints involved problems with online bookings, difficulties trying to cancel, not knowing who the contract is with, and the standard and quality of the accommodation.

Of the 719 complaints requiring direct intervention, 167 involved Irish consumers against traders based in other European countries.

While 552 cases related to complaints by consumers from other European countries against traders based in Ireland.

Read the full annual report here