Rent, medical bills and education: Have you claimed your tax back yet?

137,000 Irish workers risk missing payouts...

Revenue has issued a warning to PAYE workers ahead of the December 31st deadline to claim back taxes.

It warns that employees could be missing out on claims in areas like health expenses, nursing home fees, tuition fees or flat-rate expenses.

There is a four year time limit to submit your claim - and revenue has written to more than 137,000 PAYE workers who have not applied for any tax refund in four years.

It notes that even if you have not received one of these letters you should check that you have claimed all your entitlements before the end of this month to avoid missing out on money that is owed to you.

Most online refund claims are paid within 5 working days.

The quickest, easiest and most convenient way to claim your tax back is online, using myAccount on the Revenue website.

Last year, Revenue refunded over €444m in respect of almost 1.1 million PAYE employee reviews.

Don't miss out

You can claim tax relief on the cost of certain health expenses paid by you in respect of anyone. The relief is 20%, except for fees paid for nursing homes fees, for which the relief is at the higher tax rate of 40%.

These include doctors' and consultants' fees and and the cost of drugs or medicines prescribed by a doctor, dentist, or consultant.

You can’t claim tax relief on costs that are paid or will be paid by your health insurance provider.

Tax relief at the standard rate of tax is available for tuition fees paid for certain full-time and part-time undergraduate courses of at least 2 years duration.

An individual, paying for private rented accommodation used as a sole or main residence can claim rent relief. This includes rent paid for flats, apartments or houses. It does not include rent paid to Local Authorities or State Agencies or under a lease agreement for 50 years or more.

However - from 2011 onwards, the tax credit applies to individuals who were renting a property on 7 December 2010. No tax credit is due to individuals who began renting after 7 December 2010.