Reminder: Clocks go back on Sunday morning

There are renewed calls for 'eternal Summer Time'

Reminder: Clocks go back on Sunday morning

Electric Time Co employee Dan Lamoore adjusts the color on a 67-inch square LED color-changing clock at the plant in Medfield, Mass | Image: Elise Amendola / AP/Press Association Images

People are being reminded that the clocks go back one hour on Sunday morning.

Winter Time begins at 1.00am - clocks and watches should be put back one hour at that time.

The time change will end next March 25th.

Irish MEP Sean Kelly is again calling for the clocks to remain the same, on "eternal Summer Time".

He the more MEPs who come round to the idea of eternal Summer Time, "the harder it'll be for the EU bureaucrats to ignore their wishes."

"This campaign has been building for the last three years, but any attempts to change it have been met so far with stonewall resistance from the (European) Commission."

"The only thing that will change their minds is a vote by MEPs in favour of a change."

He says that day is coming.

"There's a group of MEPs from across the European Union working at how we can get movement on this.

"All they're saying (is) that they want no change during the year - to have the same time right throughout the year.

"We're now looking at how we can put pressure on the Commission to come forward with a proposal that would be acceptable and adaptable right across the European Union so that we wouldn't have any clock change from one end of year to the other".