#RealityCheck: The best country in the world to do business... with very little broadband

Kieran Cuddihy heads out on the road to take a look at the issue

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Image: enet.ie

Why are politicians wasting their breath talking about reviving rural Ireland unless all businesses have access to high speed broadband?

This morning, the Newstalk Battle Bus is broadcasting from Thurles in the heart of what is the new constituency of Tipperary. Before now, the county had been split into two parts, Tipp North and South.

Rporter Kieran Cuddihy got to Tipperary before the bus to talk to voters about just some of the issues effecting them.

Why broadband?

Kieran pointed out to presenter Chris Donoghue this morning that many of the main political parties are pledging to revive rural Ireland. He also revealed that election manifestos for the previous elections had promised that broadband would be a priority for the political parties.

However, currently, about 40% of people in Ireland can't get on broadband and Tipperary is no different. 

He spoke to people in business and the effect that the lack of broadband has on jobs and the local areas. One business owner complained that they can't do online trading and high-speed broadband does not exist in the area.

The main question coming through was, why would I set up my business in rural Ireland if I don't have access to broadband?

You can listen back to his report here.