Vladimir Putin invites Kim Jong Un to Russia in September

Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo has stated that sanctions against North Korea won't be lifted until "complete denuclearisation"

Vladimir Putin invites Kim Jong Un to Russia in September

Vladimir Putin. Picture by: Peter Muhly/PA Wire/PA Images

Vladimir Putin has invited Kim Jong Un to Russia in September following his meeting with the US President Donald Trump.

The Russian leader had a meeting with North Korean official Kim Yong Nam on Thursday, in which he passed an invitation for Mr Kim to visit later in 2018.

Mr Putin also said he welcomed the meeting that took place between Mr Trump and Mr Kim in Singapore on Tuesday, adding that the summit has reduced the threat of a major conflict.

The Russian leader noted that the standoff over North Korea "worried the entire world and could entail grave consequences".

He added that the meeting helped "push back that unfavourable scenario and raised prospects for solving all the problems with peaceful and diplomatic means".

Meanwhile, US officials have been speaking in the wake of the agreements reached in Singapore.

It comes amid confusion and conflicting reports about what exactly was agreed during the historic summit.

Speaking during a visit to Seoul yesterday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed that sanctions against North Korea will not be lifted immediately.

He observed: "We’re going to get complete denuclearisation; only then will there be relief from the sanctions."

Mr Pompeo also stated: "President Trump has made it clear that if Kim Jong-un denuclearises, there is a bright future for North Korea and its people."