'Putin has an extraordinary influence on global politics.' - Erin Baumann speaks to George Hook

Harvard's Erin Baumann spoke to George Hook on High Noon today

In a world where Donald Trump is now President of the USA, it's important to take stock of the global political landscape in which we find ourselves.

This is the view of Harvard's Erin Baumann, who joined George on High Noon today to discuss the rise of the Right in recent times; but rather than focus on Trump, it seems Russian President Vladimir Putin is the one who possibly holds the most influence right now.

'There was more than an inference that he and the Russian authorities were playing a role in the US Election'.

Baumann believes that Putin has long wanted to move the world back towards a system of (sometimes interconnected or somewhere overlapping) spheres of influence - which will give Russia a dominant position in Eastern Europe & (to a lesser extent) Central Asia.

Since the end of the Cold War, however, Western leaders - and US leaders in particular - have seen this position as outdated & outmoded.

Now it would appear things are moving back in Putin’s direction & if this swing back towards a more multi-polar international system does come to fruition, Russia will have played a relatively significant role in making that happen by (both covertly and overtly) influencing politics across the West.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.