Protesters crash major oil AGM over plans to drill in the Amazon basin

The Greenpeace activists abseiled on to the stage

Protesters crash major oil AGM over plans to drill in the Amazon basin

Image: Greenpeace France

A group of Greenpeace activists have crashed a major international oil company's AGM in protest at its plans to drill in the Amazon basin.

Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné insisted the company would push ahead with its plans in spite of the action.

Four activists abseiled onto the stage while Mr Pouyanné began his presentation at the Paris AGM - while up to 20 more gained access to the building, with some chaining themselves to room fixtures.

Banners reading “Let’s save the Amazon’s coral reef” were unfurled from the roof.

Around 230 people protested outside.

Brazil's environmental agency rejected Total's application for a licence to drill in the Foz do Amazonas basin for the fourth time on Tuesday.

It is thought the basin could contain up to 14 billion barrels of oil - however activists are warning that any attempt to extract it will destroy a massive coral reef that was recently discovered nearby.

Greenpeace is also protesting the company's investment in offshore oil production in French Guyana.

The group has long been at the forefront of an international campaign to keep the rest of the world's fossil fuels in the ground in an attempt to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.