#PornWeek: "Ah, you could hang your washing on that!"

Two Moncrieff listeners, having never seen a porn film, agreed to take part in 'Goggleporn'

#PornWeek: "Ah, you could hang your washing on that!"


As Newstalk’s #PornWeek comes to an end, the Moncrieff show capped it off by coercing two consenting sexagenarians into watching porn for the very first time – it’s Goggleporn...

According to the research carried out by RED C for Newstalk ahead of this week, one in three Irish people says they have never consumed any pornography in their entire lives.

Depending on your age demographic, that number might either seem hard to swallow or perfectly credible. Shawna Scott, the woman behind Sex Siopa and the podcast Our Sexual History, would tend to disagree – pointing to a 2013 porn study in Montreal that had to be abandoned because the researchers could not find a single man on campus who hadn’t once seen a porno film.

Pornography virgins

But for Mary and Cathy, two listeners who answered Newstalk’s call, watching porn is just something they’d never gotten around to.

“That whole aspect of life has escaped me... so far,” said Mary, with Cathy adding: “I’m 60, so in my era, you’d’ve had to reach for the top shelf in the video store, so you just didn’t do that. I just never had the opportunity.”

Well, cometh the hour, cometh the man in places they probably weren’t expecting. As part of #PornWeek, the Moncrieff team procured a DVD copy of the 2011 film Man Trap, starring adult stars Michelle Moist and Megan Coxx. A sordid tale of an entrepreneur’s honey trap business and the interview she has with a journalist trying to expose the truth through a series of erotic reconstructions.

What did Mary and Cathy make of their first ever porno? Take a listen to the podcast below...

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