Pics: SpaceX releases series of retro-styled 'Mars tourism' posters

The company's 'Mars Colonization and Tourism Assoc' posters hark back to classic sci-fi designs

Pics: SpaceX releases series of retro-styled 'Mars tourism' posters

Image: SpaceX

We're still many years away from full-on space tourism, but the idea of a holiday on another planet is still a very potent dream for many of us.

Step in SpaceX, one of the companies whose designs and technology are likely to significantly aid any eventual commercial space travel that could take place. While their rocket and craft designs are some of the most forward-thinking out there, they've just released a series of posters in which they look backwards for a change.

The 'Mars Colonization and Tourism Association' gallery is straight out of classic science-fiction, full of jetpacks, silly jumpsuits and gloriously retro art. They're lightly educational too, illustrating some of the most prominent geographical landmarks of the planet - including the Olympus Mons, the largest discovered volcano in our solar system.

Check out the images below. Actual space tourism is likely to look little like this - especially given the actual Martian landscape is so harsh and barren - but sometimes it's fun to dream

(images from SpaceX Flickr)