'People are now talking about their funerals more than ever before' - David Fanagan of Fanagan Group Funeral Directors

David Fanagan told George that it's no about money; but people's attitudes towards their own funerals are changing.

'It's not about money.'

That was the opinion of David Fanagan of Fanagan Funeral Directors, as he told George Hook on High Noon about the ever evolving attitudes towards their funerals.

'People are having more cremations than ever.  People are also having less wakes.  People are now aware that they can tailor their funeral pretty much however they please'

David now finds that they when they meet with families following a death, a lot of the elements regarding the funeral have already been openly discussed and agreed prior to death.

This wasn’t the case a few years ago, when many people felt that discussing a funeral was very difficult for all concerned. Many people now find it comforting to know, that at the time of death, the burden of making decisions regarding arranging their funeral, it is not left entirely to the grieving family members at this emotional time.

It has been compared to making a will, where one has time to consider the options and there is peace of mind knowing that their wishes are carried out.

The selection of music hymns and prayers have been picked. Some people even like to have an input into their eulogy.

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