Opinion: Ditch the devices and enjoy the music

Nobody needs to record an entire gig on an iPad

Guns N' Roses will take to the stage at Slane Castle later today. This marks the first of the year's big outdoor gigs. Longitude, EP and U2 are all fast approaching, meaning you can be sure of one thing. 

Somebody in front of you will be holding an iPad in the air, recording the best bits. It's happened at pretty much every gig I've attended in the last three years. 

I am a technology fan. I can tell you now that I will most certainly have my phone on me as I attend any and all music events, but I will not stand with the phone in the air, never mind a tablet.

I have been that soldier and recorded every second of gigs in the past. I can assure you, you will never look at that footage again. The last time I did it was at Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in Marlay Park. I was up against the barrier and recorded my favourite songs on my phone. I don't know why, but I did. Recently, I went through my Dropbox and found the videos and photos from that gig. They're all awful. 

May I present Exhibit A:

The sound quality from the videos is utterly appalling.

As we embark on the most exciting season for music in Ireland, can we all just agree to keep our phones, tablets and most importantly, selfie-sticks out of the way? Want to snap the odd photo? Work away, but let's leave the recording of the gigs to the professionals. 

Aside from being a great big waste of time, it's incredibly annoying to everyone else attending the gig. 

I was at a gig in the Three Arena last week and watched the first four songs through the screen of the iPhone of the woman in front of me. She is never going to watch those videos again, but she sure did ruin my buzz.

Queen Bey says "put it down"

Amy Schumer came to Dublin last year for a stand-up gig at the Three Arena. As we took our seats, I noticed signs placed throughout the arena, which said those recording or photographing the gig would be asked to leave. While this may seem extreme, I'm all for it. 

Musicians have pulled audience members up on watching their performances through screens before. Who can forget this brilliant moment Beyonce told an audience to put down their phones and enjoy the show. 

Tickets to festivals and gigs are not cheap. Why pay the money if you're going to spend the entire time watching it behind a screen. 

So please, ditch the device and listen to the music. You'll enjoy it so much more and those around you will appreciate it.