Opening Bell: Trump's visa reforms, €350m lost in missing punts, Facebook's second act

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Donald Trump wants tougher rules for tech firms seeking to bring skilled workers to the US.

The US President signed an executive order calling on agencies to re-examine the system to prevent abuses. He's concerned American workers are missing out as companies use cheaper foreign labour instead.

His executive order will affect the H-1B visa which has been popular with Irish workers.

While the full implications of his reforms remain unclear, it is expected to replace a 'lottery' style allocation system with a merit-based system.

The programme allows 85,000 people per-year to come to the US to fill high-tech jobs. More than 3,000 of these visas have been issued to Irish citizens in the past five years.


15 years after Ireland changed its currency, there are still over €350m worth of 'old money' in circulation around the country.

Central Bank figures say that total's made up of more than €226m in bank notes and €123m in coins.

Punts are still being cashed in on a daily basis at the bank, which processed old pounds worth hundreds of millions of euros last year.

Nearly €15bn in old banknotes is still unclaimed across the eurozone area.


Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg has said that the future of Facebook will focus on augmented reality - blending real world images through phone cameras while incorporating elements of virtual reality.

Speaking at the company's F8 developers conference, he said that "Act 2" of Facebook's story will be creating the "first mainstream augmented reality platform out of the camera."

"Over time I think this is going to be a really important technology. All the work that we are doing here is going into glasses we all want. It's all the same technology. This is another step on the path there," he added, indicating that new hardware will play a role in the future of the company's VR experiences.


Ireland's first direct air route to Qatar has been announced.

Dublin-Doha will be the first service offered in Ireland by Qatar Airways - it will offer connecting flights to more than 150 destinations, including Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Bangkok and Beijing.

Daily flights will be available from June 12th.