Opening Bell: Trump dumps TTP, annoying office habits, why some retailers fear Black Friday

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Donald Trump says he will issue an executive action on his first day in office to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP).

In a video updating Americans on the White House transition, the President-elect described TPP as a "potential disaster for our country."

TPP was designed to bring down tariffs and trade barriers between America and a number of Pacific Rim nations including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia and Chile.

Mr Trump said his administration instead intends to generate "fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores."


The Public Accounts Committee will hear evidence today from a key player in NAMA's controversial Project Eagle.

Patrick Long, who heads up the asset management firm Lazard, will give evidence before the committee this morning.

Lazard acted as a loan sales advisor to NAMA.

The PAC is investigating claims from the Comptroller and Auditor General that NAMA's northern loan book could have fetched around €200m more than its final sale price.

Issues around Project Eagle are also being investigated by agencies in the US and the UK.


Irish shoppers are expected to spend €100m this week on Black Friday bargains.

However, Retail Excellence Ireland has warned that the pre-Christmas day of sales which has made its way across the Atlantic is putting presser on small retailers who cannot absorb the cost of major reductions in the same way that larger companies can.

"There is certainly a sense of expectation in shoppers minds that there will be some discounts or offers and this poses a significant challenge for Irish SME’s already under pressure from Brexit led changes in shopping patterns," says Lynn Drumgoole, Communications Director, with Retail Excellence Ireland.

"Similar to last year we have seen a slow down in consumer spend in the last few weeks as they wait to see what might be on offer this coming weekend," she continued.


As another day begins in offices across the country, it's emerged that poor personal hygiene is the trait that bothers us most about colleagues.

A survey from Viking office suppliers has found speaking too loudly on the phone is in second place, while foul language users, people who don't listen, and gossipers also make the top 5.

The most annoying personality type overall is listed as 'the complainer.'


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