Opening Bell: Gender pay gap, XSellco announce jobs, Deloitte hints at UK exit

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Irish women are paid an average of 20% less than Irish men, according to a new study by Morgan McKinley.

It found that men in professional jobs earn €12,500 more than women once bonuses and salaries are taken into account. The gender pay gap was found to actually be wider for women who have high levels of education and experience.

Karen O'Flaherty, chief operations officer at Morgan McKinley, says employers and individual women have a role to play in reducing the gender pay gap:

"It's about employers having the visibility and the transparency within their organisation to look at the different levels and see who's being promoted and the different educational attainments that they get at each stage.

"Secondly, it's addressing and maybe asking the question as to why certain females don't go for certain positions when men have."


One of the world's top accountancy firms has revealed that it could move some of its business out of the UK if the British government's immigration policy is too strict.

Deloitte admitted that it would "reluctantly" have to look elsewhere if government rules restricted their ability to employ talent from inside and outside the EU.

David Sproul, chief executive for Deloitte UK, said:

"If we weren't able to bring those people then we'd do one of two things: we'd adapt in terms of how we trained people locally and some of that would be possible, but more likely, some of the work that's currently done here wouldn't be done here."


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is to meet former members of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) board members and Cerberus officials today.

The Committee is continuing to examine the sale of NAMA's Northern loanbook to the company, which the Comptroller and Auditor General says lost the taxpayer €200 million.

The PAC is interested in discussing the role and knowledge that NAMA board members had of the sale.

It also wants to determine how Cerberus became involved, the basis for its bid and the assurances provided regarding its advisors and fee arrangements.


XSellco has announced the creation of 40 new positions today.

The Irish e-commerce software firm is planning to hire the new staff by the end of 2017, doubling its workforce.

XSellco will be looking for software developers, sales/marketing professionals and customer success experts.