Opening Bell: Brexit run-in, business leaders' last plea, the ECB's preparation for a UK exit

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In the UK, campaigners from both sides of the EU debate have just a day left to persuade floating voters.

Polls for the referendum open tomorrow morning, as the UK decides whether to remain or leave.

During a TV debate at Wembley last night, London mayor Sadiq Khan clashed with his predecessor Boris Johnson on the issue of immigration.

Sky's Senior Correspondent Jason Farrell says last-minute efforts could make all the difference.


Remain campaigners are claiming a coup after winning the backing of 1,285 business leaders on the final day of the EU referendum campaign.

The firms, employing 1.75 million people in large, medium and small businesses, have written an open letter saying Britain's economy is better off in Europe.

They include 51 FTSE-100 companies and 910 smaller firms, from salt makers in Anglesey and dairy farmers in Devon to printers in Antrim and whisky distilleries in the Scottish Highlands.

The most high-profile backers include Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, Sir Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse and Jacqueline Gold of Anne Summers.


European Central Bank (ECB) President, Mario Draghi says that the bank is ready to take action in the event of a British exit from the EU.

He added that it will be "very difficult" to predict the impact that a British exit would have on the eurozone and that he and his colleagues have "done all the preparation" that they can.

The Italian official said that the eurozone's recovery will continue - but he warned that the bloc is subject to "geopolitical developments" which could hurt growth.


Dublin has been ranked the 47th most expensive city in the world in a survey looking at the cost of living for expats.

Rental costs moved the Capital up the rankings for a third year running.

Paris and Milan are the only other Eurozone cities in the top 50.

Noel O'Connor is from Mercer Ireland, who carried out the survey: