Opening Bell: AIB's big day, May's pledge to EU citizens in the UK, Facebook takes on extremism

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There could be an extra €3bn on the way for the State with the sale of the Government's stake in AIB today.

Shares are expected to peak at €4.40 each, which is less than originally expected.

This values the bank at €11.94bn - which is 56% higher than Bank of Ireland's market valuation.


British Prime Minister Theresa May said her government will seek to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit.

The fate of some 3.5 million EU citizens in the UK is a top priority for EU negotiators in the Brexit talks.

In a move seen as a conciliatory statement on Brexit to European heads of state and government last night, Mrs May outlined proposals which would ensure that no EU citizen lawfully living in the UK will be asked to leave the UK after Brexit.

However, the EU says all issues around Brexit must take place in the context of the official negotiations between the EU taskforce led by Michel Barnier and the UK's lead negotiator David Davis.


Facebook has revealed a new programme to tackle extremism and online hate speech.

The social media giant has launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative, which will train organisations how to spot and respond to hate speech on the internet.

It'll also offer financial support for research into countering extremism.


Representatives from a number of public sector unions have come together to create a campaign to reject 'Lansdowne Road 2.'

The new public sector pay deal, which will be voted on over the next two months, has so far received a mixed reaction.

The country's largest union SIPTU yesterday decided to join IMPACT in recommending acceptance - while teachers' unions the TUI and ASTI have expressed disappointment, and the INMO and Defence Forces' PDForra have deferred decisions awaiting further clarification.