On Global Village This Saturday Night

In 2014 Ireland had the highest birth rate in Europe with 200 babies being born nationwide every day.

However just 0.4% of every birth here is at home – why is that? Why are women opting to go to hospital when having a baby at home can be such a wonderful experience?

Elizabeth Halliday is the Deputy Head of Midwifery for Private Midwives Ireland and Nicola Rice, is a mum who has experienced a home birth and a hospital birth they will both be in studio to discuss the idea of home-births.  


Here in Ireland we often hear about the importance of representation of women on air and in politics. 
However, its only recently with WakingTheFeminists has the importance of women involved in film and the arts come to the attention of main stream media.
This fight has been fought for over 25 years in the US by the the Geena Davis Institute and the CEO of the organization Madeline Di Nonno joins Dil in studio to talk about a new gender balance research tool which is set to inspire change in the entertainment industry.


Finally Peter Tatchell the director of the human rights organisation, ‘The Peter Tatchell foundation’ and a gay and equality campaigner discusses the Asher’s Bakery case with Dil.  

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