On Global Village This Saturday Night

On Friday May 22nd 2015 Ireland voted to approved changing the Constitution to extend civil marriage rights to same-sex couples while it was a momentous move and changed the lives of so many.  However many people still have a fear of rejection and discrimination and continue to conceal their sexual orientation.

On this weeks show, Stephen Burke, Dublin Co-Ordinator of the LGBT helpline, Odhrán Allen, GLEN Director of Mental Health and Adam Brannigan join Dil in studio to talk about the entire process of coming out.  

Sweden is often held up as the model to follow when it comes to parental leave legislation.  There, men are forced, by law, to take a certain percentage of the parental leave, the logic is that having children affects the career of everyone who has children, not just the mother.  While we are getting better here, from September 1st fathers will be able to apply for two weeks of paternity leave for the first time in Ireland, things are far from perfect.

Dil is joined by, Philip O’Connor an Irish author and journalist based in Sweden and Greg Straton the CEO of Treoir to look at how far we have come and how far we have yet to go when it comes to parental leave.  

Earlier this week the Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald committed to bring forward the Sexual Offences Bill to criminalise the purchase of sex.  While the bill was published in full last September there has been a delay is getting it over the line.

Dil discusses the issue in studio with Sarah Benson, CEO Ruhama and Rachel Moran, prostitution survivor and author of 'Paid For'.  

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