OPINION: Tommy Hilfiger's range for children with disabilities can't come soon enough

Steve Daunt is delighted to see a major fashion house create an adaptive children's collection - but wonders when there'll be one for adults

Sorry but I love my clothes. I have been known to go ‘tailor-made’ rather than off-the-peg. That’s how I hang.

There is a serious point here. While I love my clothes, there are aspects of my disability which makes things like buttons or shoe laces tricky.

My left hand is stronger than my right. It’s actually longer too. That’s because I hunch a bit. It wasn’t a doctor who told me this. A friend brought me to a good menswear shop in London and they discovered that. Thankfully I have a job so I can afford to do this but wouldn’t it be easier if there were off-the-peg options?

This is especially the case when it comes to children’s clothes. Do mainstream fashion houses have any role in making clothes for all? The thought hadn’t struck me until I read of an initiative which started in Tommy Hilfiger shops over in the States.

They have teamed up with Mindy Schier, who is both a designer and a mother of an 8-year-old boy who is a wheelchair-user. He wanted to wear jeans and she had to design a pair. This led to Runway of Dreams and their partner ship with Hilfiger.

A great idea. Let’s hope it moves into their adult range and across the ocean! I’d be the first in line to buy. I loved the magnetic shirt and am very tempted to check it out.

Anyway, here is the video made by Runway of Dreams: