OPINION: Here's our seven choices for the next cinematic version of Catwoman

Batman's love interest / nemesis should be next appearing in the next big superhero movie

In March, we will see the release of Batman VS Superman, which brings back the Caped Crusader, and introduces us to some of his classic villains.

Then in August, we'll be greeted with Suicide Squad, which involves a group of super-villains working together to take down a bigger evil. 

In it we see Jared Leto playing on of the comic books most famous villains, The Joker.

With talk that Ben Affleck will be soon after be starring in and directing a new standalone Batman movie, the next obvious talking point will be who should be cast as the new Catwoman.

To that end, here's our seven picks for who should play the feline foe.


The last twelve months have seen Vikander explode into our world thanks to Ex_Machina, The Man From UNCLE and now The Danish Girl. She's proven herself as one of the best new young actresses around, and while we haven't seen her really "kick-ass" yet, we're sure she could pull it out of the bag if she wanted to.


Often the lady running from explosions in big action movies (2 Guns, Deja Vu) but was finally given a juicy action role to sink her teeth into with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. This summer's video-game adaptation Warcraft should see her action star stock rise even more.


Rumour has it that Ms Blunt lost out on the Catwoman role last time to her The Devil Wears Prada co-star Anne Hathaway. She also auditioned for Black Widow in The Avengers, which ultimately went to ScarJo. After showing off her action acting chops in Edge Of Tomorrow and Sicario, surely if she goes for it again she can't be denied the part!


We know what you're thinking, but hear us out! Ben Affleck (44) is playing a much older than usual Batman, so why not cast Catwoman as that bit older, too. Sure, at 58, Pfeiffer won't be back-flipping her way around Gotham, but she's still one of the most beautiful actresses in the world today, and after the age-appropriate casting of Monica Bellucci in SPECTRE last year, maybe we'll finally see some balance in the age and gender casting norms.


Again, another actress we haven't seen being tested in the action waters, but we do know she can act (Black Swan) and be utterly charming (Ted, Forgetting Sarah Marshall). She also played a villainess really well in Oz: The Great & Powerful, so all she really needs to do is get to the local kung-fu classes.


She survived some killer earthquakes in San Andreas, dealt with obsessed police officers in True Detective, and is about to become a household name in the upcoming movie adaptation of Baywatch. Suicide Squad is casting the "so hot right now" likes of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne, so the new Catwoman could equally be cast as the best and brightest of new Hollywood.


It feels like Wilde has been biding her time, waiting for the right big blockbuster to finally bust her into the big time. Some of her projects have been cursed by being very interesting sounding, but in reality, they didn't quite land they way they should have. With the sure hand of Affleck and the people behind Batman going to make the next movie a sure-fire hit, this should be the one to finally solidify her superstar status. Plus, she can just use most of her outfit from Tron: Legacy