Not a scam: Look out for digital communications from your bank

Bank of Ireland has started to use email and SMS messaging to communicate with their customers

Many of us have received phishing emails over the years. Some of these scams are more sophisticated than others, but they all have the same goal; to get access to your personal information. This has made some of us hyper-alert and slightly wary of any digital communications involving our personal banking. 

This is why I was slightly nervous when I received the following email this morning. 

This was accompanied by a text at 6.15am from an 087 number, containing a similar message. I called the number and found it to be a valid communication from my bank. I contacted Bank of Ireland earlier today to verify that this is now a method they use to verify transactions and they issued the following statement:

"Bank of Ireland is very committed to supporting and protecting customers against fraudulent activity and this form of SMS (text) messaging is part of our proactive outreach. Where certain out of course activity is detected on a customer’s account, the Bank may contact the customer using email and/or SMS to confirm the transactions in question. If they are valid the transactions are processed as normal. However, if following contact with the cardholder the transactions are found to be fraudulent, the Bank will block them, stop the card and issue a new card to the customer." 

Customers are still being urged to remain vigilant of phishing emails and can verify any communication from their bank by calling the number on the back of their card.