Norris on Presidency: I don't warm to Mairead McGuinness

On Miriam O'Callaghan, 'I don't see her fitting the role, Enda Kenny would, he would be a good choice.'

Norris on Presidency: I don't warm to Mairead McGuinness

Senator David Norris & Ivan Yates


"I don't warm to Mairead McGuinness... Enda Kenny would be a good choice but I think Olivia O'Leary fits the bill perfectly!"

Senator David Norris joined Ivan on The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk today where he reflected on the 2011 presidential race, the runners and riders in a potential 2018 race and reform of the Seanad.  He said that he thought that Michael D. Higgins should uphold his pledge not to run again and went on to say, 'I don't think Michael D. should go again' and followed it up by saying, 'I think Michael D. would be too old, he'd be nearly 85 by the time he's finished'.  He also spoke about the challenges he faced during the last race and said, 'I was a media target, the media took me on for a variety of reasons, some of them were violently homophobic.'

He ran through the list of potential candidates for a 2018 run and gave his thoughts on each of them, his preferred choice is broadcaster and journalist, Olivia O'Leary of whom he said, 'I'd love to see Olivia O'Leary going, I think she's a wonderful woman, she's a public intellectual'.

He said on Senator Gerard Craughwell's interest in the role, 'I don't know, I'm not sure that he didn't do it to raise his profile', on the other candidate who has declared his interest, artist Kevin Sharkey, that he's, 'a wonderful man, but I don't think he has a chance and I advised him against it'.

Senator Norris than addressed some of the other rumoured candidates. On Bertie Ahern, he said, 'The media would have a field day on him', over his finances and that, 'he wouldn't be able to escape that', he went on to say 'I don't warm to Mairead McGuinness', on Gerry Adams, 'No, he's far too divisive, too many corpses around the place' and on Miriam O'Callaghan, he said, 'I don't see her fitting the role,' but he went on to say, Enda Kenny would (fit the role), 'he would be a good choice.'

As he summed up his thoughts on the possible Presidential election runners and riders he said, 'It's important that there is an election, even if Michael D. stands.'

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