None of that lip: The rise of cosmetic surgery with young people in Ireland

Henry Mckean goes under the knife, so to speak...

None of that lip: The rise of cosmetic surgery with young people in Ireland

Image: Henry McKean

Lip enhancements and cheek fillers are becoming even more popular in Ireland.

Newstalk Drive's Henry McKean spent time with cosmetic surgeon Dr Peter Prendergast.

Dr Prendergast has been working in the industry for 12 years, running Venus Medical.

He says most of his clients are between 30 and 55, but young people and teenagers are starting to come through his doors.

"I certainly do see younger women coming in - especially in thier early 20s, sometimes even in their late teens.

"They have certain things in mind - atheistic ideals that they want to address - and they're confident to come in and talk about those things."

Image: Henry McKean

He says botox is still the most popular treatment, but the menu is growing.

"Botox would be still the number one treatment, but for younger women lip fillers, lip enhancement, cheek enhancement would be also something that they're looking to do".

Henry met young women who have had work done and are getting more fillers.

Image: Henry McKean

Liz from Michigan is aged in her 30s and living in Ireland.

"A lot of girls ages 18 and up seem to be having more things done. I've had fillers - (it's) really, really normal, especially in younger girls.

"I think it's getting more excepted and the younger girls want to look more like celebrities and the younger girls are doing things like that.

"If you can do things to make yourself look better, it gives you more confidence - 100%."

But not everyone thinks it is a good idea.

"I think it's become too normal, especially in my generation", one girl said.

Another woman told Henry: "I think it's horrific that any young girl would need to do anything, because all young girls are beautiful".

But Henry took an almost hands-on approach - sitting in on a cheek filler. The patient was given anaesthetic and was numb.

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