Nokia and Apple settle legal spat and announce collaborations

The Finns accused the US firm of violating 32 of its patents...

Nokia and Apple settle legal spat and announce collaborations

David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment

Nokia and Apple have resolved a long-running legal argument over a series of patents.

In December of last year, Nokia launched legal action against the US firm claiming that it had breached 32 of its patents.

The dispute covered a number of areas including user interfaces, software, antennas, displays, video coding, and chipsets.

The companies have signed a deal allowing Apple to use this technology and Apple has paid an undisclosed fee to Nokia.

Maria Varsellona, Chief Legal Officer at Nokia, responsible for the company's patent licensing business commented, "This is a meaningful agreement between Nokia and Apple ... It moves our relationship with Apple from being adversaries in court to business partners working for the benefit of our customers."

With the patent issue resolved, Nokia and Apple have announced that they will collaborate.

The Finnish company will provide network infrastructure products and services to Apple. Meanwhile, Apple will sell Nokia digital health products in its stores.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer commented, "We are pleased with this resolution of our dispute and we look forward to expanding our business relationship with Nokia."

"This agreement will strengthen our collaboration," he added.