Nokia and Apple renew patent war

It's suing the US firm - who it turn says Noika is conspiring to milk money from essential patents

Nokia and Apple renew patent war

Julie Jacobson / AP

Nokia has filed a number of lawsuits against Apple for allegedly violating 32 patents - this came after Apple took legal action against the Swedish firm.

The company claims that the US firm violated Nokia patents relating to user interfaces, software, antennas, displays, video coding, and chipsets.

Nokia said, "Since agreeing a license covering some patents from the Nokia Technologies portfolio in 2011, Apple has declined subsequent offers made by Nokia to license other of its patented inventions which are used by many of Apple's products."

While Nokia is suing Apple directly, Apple has filed an antitrust lawsuit against third-party companies (patent assertion entities or PAEs) who acted on its behalf.

The pair reached a settlement on a previous parent lawsuit in 2011.

Nokia patents have been transferred to these PAE's and Apple claims that they are now seeking money from the company and that the attempts to gain from protecting these patents is, "anti-competitive and abusive."

Nokia argues that Apple is using Nokia patents that are not covered by the 2011 agreement.

Apple alleges that PAE's are "conspiring with Nokia in a scheme to diffuse and abuse" standard essential patent legislation in a way that Nokia would not be allowed to.

The 2011 settlement included a one-off payment from Apple to Nokia - and an agreement to pay future royalties.