No-H2O: This app lets you have your car washed anywhere anytime

Bobby Kerr puts the new on-demand car washing and valeting app to the test live on air...

On last weekend’s Down To Business Bobby Kerr was joined in the studio by No-H20 CEO Emmet O’Brien and COO Jamie Crawford.
No-H2O recently announced the launch of an app, which allows users to organise having their car washed or valeted anytime anywhere... So there are no more excuses for a dirty or untidy car now. 
Set to become the Uber of car care services, the easy-to-use app allows users to select their preferred service and a No-H2O operator will be there within minutes.
No-H2O is all about convenience and as the name suggests, there's no actual water involved.  The unique waterless product enables cars to be washed on the side of the street, in office blocks or at a customer’s house.
In addition, the fact that they don’t use water saves a staggering 132 Litres of water per wash, which is the average amount used to wash a medium sized car.
The app is the first of its kind to offer on-demand services and is certainly on its way to disrupt a very fragmented car wash industry.
Looking to the future, the company is already planning to roll out its service globally, with the US rollout plan already underway.
Bobby tested out the new app live on air, sending Newstalk Researcher Róisin Davis out to report back on the results…